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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Laws of Tanzania (CD-ROM) (Principal and subsidiary legislation revised edition 2002

This is the first complete revision of the laws of Tanzania since 1966 and
comprises principal legislation and subsidiary legislation in force on 31
July 2002. The principal legislation consists of 415 chapters arranged
numerically. There are ten main volumes and a supplementary volume, which
contains the index, alphabetical and chronological tables and certain
omitted Acts which were not in force at the completion of the Law Revision
of 2002. The revised edition of the subsidiary legislation has been
arranged in a similar fashion and consists of ten volumes. The edition
consists of various tables of content; the Constitution (in Kiswahili); and
the ordinary laws of the country (Acts and subsidiary legislation), set out
in numbered chapters.

*Contents Include:*

   - Statutes of Tanzania, revised edition 2002
   - Principal legislation consisting of 415 Chapters in 10 volumes
   - Supplementary Volume with alphabetical and chronological Table of Acts
   - Subsidiary Legislation consisting of 10 volumes

Pricing for single-user, main work archive only). Publication not updated.
Multiple-user pricing available on request.

*Of Interest and Benefit to:*

   - Judicial officers
   - Prosecutors
   - Legal practitioners
   - Libraries
   - Academics

*Key Benefits:*

   - Powerful electronic searching allows for easy and rapid access to
   - Handy hyperlinks facilitate easy navigation within the product


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